GO Train Service Guarantee

Does my trip qualify?

We promise to do our best to be on time; however, sometimes delays happen. If your train arrival is delayed by 15 minutes or more, we want to credit what you paid for the trip.

Our Service Guarantee policy doesn’t apply to delays caused by reasons outside of our control, including extreme weather, emergency investigations, pedestrian incidents, track obstructions, and on-board emergencies. Read more about our policy.

Customers who paid for their trip using a PRESTO card can submit their claim online using the form below. Customers with single-ride tickets, or day or group passes may request a credit at GO stations. Read the FAQ section below for more information.

Making a claim online?


Answer these simple questions to find out if the online claim form is right for you.

Was your GO Train trip delayed?


Our Service Guarantee policy only applies to delayed GO Train trips; delayed GO Bus trips do not qualify.

Did you pay for this GO Train trip using a PRESTO card?


This online claim form uses PRESTO data to verify claims. Please visit a GO station attendant to request GO fare credit for a single-ride ticket, day pass, or group pass.

Did your delayed GO Train trip occur within the last seven days?


Our Service Guarantee policy only applies to trips made within the last seven days.

View previous claims


To view the status of your Service Guarantee claims, please enter one of the following:

How to make a claim

How to view your active claims

Frequently asked questions

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